Friday, March 08, 2019

(Activity Theory Summer School)

If you're (a) really interested in Activity Theory, (b) working on an MA or PhD, and (c) free this summer, I have an opportunity for you.

The Activity Theory Summer School is a 7.5-hour course at University West, Trollhättan in Sweden. It runs from June 17-August 11.

From June 25-28, students and instructors will meet at University West, Trollhättan in Sweden.

Instructors include Yrjo Engestrom, Anna Sannino, David Allen, Stan Karanasios, and myself. We'll each put on a half-day workshop, discussing theory and history, methodology, analysis, concepts, and case studies. We'll also discuss publishing and (of course) the future of activity theory. We'll also provide students with feedback as they develop their own studies.

It's a really exciting opportunity, and I hope you'll consider joining us!