Tuesday, September 15, 2009

"Have you contributed your writing?"

Kristen Suchor, CCCC & CEE Administrative Liaison at the National Council of Teachers of English, just emailed me asking me, and my associates, to post samples of our writing to the online gallery in honor of the National Day of Writing:
Therefore, I’m asking you as a CCCC leader to help spread the word to your family, friends, and colleagues, encouraging them to submit to the National Gallery. If you could send even a brief note with information about submitting to the Gallery and the National Day on Writing to just 10 people, that would help us tremendously. We now have several samples of writing posted (http://www.ncte.org/dayonwriting/samples) that may be helpful to pass along as your family, friends, and colleagues are considering what writing they want to submit to the Gallery.
As a CCCC leader, I exhort you to do this. Clear our your wastebaskets. Save your sticky notes, your shopping lists, your tally sheets, your crumpled diner receipts, and other ephemera. Upload your tweets and especially your Foursquare messages. If you play Facebook games or take quizzes, take some screen caps. The National Gallery needs your texts.

In other news, if you printed the Internet, it would supposedly be a book weighing 1.2 billion pounds. In honor of the National Day of Writing, I hope you will all take some time to read it and contemplate how we need to make texts a bigger part of our lives.

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