Thursday, January 07, 2010

In the Pipeline

Here's what's coming up:
After that? We'll see.


David Ronfeldt said...

many thanks for all these reviews, clay. i continue to enjoy and appreciate them.

i've long wondered what was in my unread copy of alinski's book. now i have a good idea. and now he reminds me of nixon, unfortunately.

your series on the tofflers' writings keeps reminding me how much of their work i liked. one point they made, as you note, was that the growing divide in america was not between left and right, but between second and third wavers. perhaps this applies to the "tippies" (tea-party, town-hall, etc. folks).

there's more to the story of toffler's odd involvement with gingrich. it took me a moment to backtrack, but i think this is what i recall: a magna carta for the information age co-authored by toffler and other leading lights (dyson, gilder) at gingrich's behest, posted at

i'm looking forward to your review of adler and heckscher. i posted about one of their papers months ago, but not the book as a whole. since then, posters associated with the p2p blog (michel bauwens, tom haskins) have taken an interest in their book. after my post, adler emailed me saying he and heckscher would do a new paper with a four-part framework, superceding their three-part. but i've no update on this.

Clay Spinuzzi said...

Thanks for the link to the "Magna Charta." Should be interesting reading. I'm working through Powershift right now, entirely out of order, I'm afraid.

Also, I thought of you immediately when reading the Adler and Heckscher piece, then later saw that you had already blogged about it! Will retrieve the book tomorrow and see what I can do to review it. Actually, I'm nearly positive that I wrote a review - and misplaced it. So it goes. Glad to hear they're doing more work on the framework! At some point, once I've cleared the decks and absorb some more literature, hopefully I can synthesize a framework article of my own.