Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The new blog

I've been blogging my readings on my Reading List blog since June 2003 and my observations of net culture and net work on the Net Work blog since August 2005. But recently I decided to consolidate the entire enterprise here, under one blog hosted off of UT servers. Why? Several reasons:
  • Maintaining two different blogs is unwieldy. I find that I have to crosslink them too much; they interrelate heavily.
  • Consolidating the blogs means that I can blog daily, even when I don't have a book to review.
  • Maintaining your own blogging platform poses several problems in terms of security, data storage, and continuity. I'd rather outsource that work.
  • Posting on Blogger raises the profile of the posts. While migrating the backlog of my Reading List posts, I began getting comments and email from people who had run across posts there -- but who had not seen the same posts on my old blogs.
  • Posting here allows me to link to Amazon products with a referrer account and to take ads. This is a little experiment more than anything: I don't expect to make any real money from the blog, but I am interested in how these sorts of micropayments work.
  • Blogger's search capabilities are superior to Drupal's, meaning that posts can be found faster.
Anyway, here it is, the new blog. As always, email me with comments or suggestions.

1 comment:

Doc Mara said...

I have to say I am a little disappointed that you will be using blogger. After all, it is, well, less wonky than setting up open software on the UT servers and troubleshooting them. Of course, I use blogger, but I want others to use the difficult stuff, just in case I need to know how to troubleshoot that stuff myself. In any event, welcome to the Google den of WYSIWYG.