Tuesday, August 06, 2019

(Presentation: Go or No Go)

I recently returned from Procomm 2019, where I planned to present this slide deck based on the paper "Go or No Go: Learning to Persuade in an Early-Stage Student Entrepreneurship Program." The paper was coauthored by David Altounian and Gregory Pogue, and it received an award.

Unfortunately I woke up sick on the day of the presentation — the first time I've ever missed presenting a paper, I think — so I wasn't able to actually present the paper. But you can click through if you like. It'll be almost like being there!

(Presentation: Fourth-generation activity theory: A literature review)

I recently returned from Procomm 2019, where I delivered a presentation on the literature related to fourth-generation activity theory. This presentation is based on a paper that David Guile and I provided for the proceedings. If you're interested in AT, please check it out!