Monday, September 10, 2012

Apply to our MA in Human Dimensions of Organizations

I've been discussing our nascent MA in HDO for a while, but now the application page is up.

Here's the degree description from the linked page:

A Graduate Degree for the Modern Professional 
The leaders of tomorrow need to be well versed in methods for understanding the people around them.  The core of the HDO Master of Arts degree provides training in identifying and solving organizational problems. This professional graduate degree is designed specifically for local, national, and international leaders in the business and nonprofit sectors. For that reason, all HDO courses emphasize the real-world applications of the humanities, social sciences, and behavioral sciences. Each graduate course provides depth in an area of study as well as practical exercises that demonstrate how to use this knowledge in everyday settings. 
HDO’s degree program leverages the core knowledge within the Liberal Arts to instill in students a thorough understanding of the people they interact with everyday, be that interaction face-to-face, virtual, or through outreach and marketing. This cutting-edge degree will improve its students’ abilities to lead, manage, and innovate.
This is an exciting MA designed around the needs of the working professional:
We expect that most HDO graduate students will be employed full time. In fact, the ideal student is one with 5 to 10 years of professional experience. Because of the high demands placed on employed students, HDO organizes its coursework to allow students to balance work and education. 
This 18-month (4-semester) degree is offered as a weekend program. Each semester will begin with an intensive week on campus followed by biweekly Friday and Saturday course meetings. We will also offer distance education by way of videoconferencing for those unable to commute to UT Austin. 
As students graduate from HDO, they will join the ranks of the esteemed alumni of The University of Texas at Austin. The program promises a high-quality alumni network only available through one of the largest, finest universities in the United States. 
Take a look. And if this sounds like you, I hope you can join us!