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Pownce -- trying it out

Thanks to Trish Harris for sending me an invite to Pownce. You can see my Pownce stream at As I say over there, I am intrigued by the incremental improvements, but the lack of mobile integration means I won't use it much.

Citizen journalism takes another big step

Jeff Jarvis thinks the online coverage of the iPhone buyers' lines is a big deal:

Two months ago, after the video of the Virginia Tech shooting went up online — more than an hour after the news occurred — I speculated that someday soon, we’d see that same video from a news event being fed live, directly to us on the internet.

Well, that didn’t take long.

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I've seen several posts like this one on Pownce, which is being billed as a "Twitter killer." It does more than Twitter, they say, but it lacks the mobile component. Isn't that like inventing a better car but forgetting to put on the wheels?

Pownce, the Twitter Killer

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