Tuesday, March 02, 2010


I've been quite buried in other work, including writing two articles, putting together a South by Southwest presentation, conducting some primary research, and - today - grading. But I haven't forgotten the blog, and soon I hope to review these books:
  • Toffler, Powershift
  • Toffler & Toffler, Revolutionary Wealth
  • Heckscher & Adler, The Firm as a Collaborative Community
  • Bobbitt, The Shield of Achilles
I also have these books on my shelf, waiting for me to get to them once I finish Bobbitt's massive effort. No promises on when or in what order.
  • Burt, Neighbor Networks
  • Bazerman et al., Traditions of Writing Research
  • Foot & Schneider, Web Campaigning
The common thread here is how people use texts to connect their organizations and how the logics and values of digitally mediated organizations can look different from those mediated by other sorts of texts. I'm still developing this line of thought, and I realize that Eisenstein's The Printing Press as Agent of Change would probably help - but after Bobbitt, I need something less weighty. So I'm sending Eisenstein back to the library for now.

Also being shipped to me are Byron Hawk's award-winning book on the history of composition (which doesn't exactly fit the arc described above) and several Oxford titles (which do).

Spring break is coming up in a week, so hopefully I can find some reading/blogging time after SXSW. Watch this space.