Saturday, March 02, 2019

(CO.LAB Community Makerspace)

We've seen a lot of makerspaces, coworking spaces, and event spaces spring up in Austin over the last decade. These have typically focused on empowering freelancers and other independent workers.

But such spaces can also be a tremendous benefit for underserved communities — a way for people to get access to (for instance) a Glowforge Laser Cutter, CNC Milling Machine, 3D Printer,  woodworking tools, and craft materials so that they can create for themselves and support their own entrepreneurial efforts. And this access can be especially important for children, who need educational scaffolding to help them take advantage of these tools.

So I'm excited that four experienced educators are opening CO.LAB Community Makerspace in North Austin. Their mission is
to empower creators of all backgrounds regardless of financial situation, ethnicity, or orientation by providing a safe space that facilitates powerful ideas and access to tools. We aim to support our community makers in their entrepreneurial endeavors.
Today and tomorrow (March 2-3), CO.LAB is having an open house. If you're in Austin, swing on by—and wherever you are, consider contributing to their kickstarter.