Friday, February 08, 2013

GCUC 2013

Coworking has fascinated me since 2008, inspiring a series of blog posts, a research study, and most recently, an article about coworking in Austin.

Like the rest of the world, Austin has seen an explosion in coworking spaces, and with it, a thriving and rapidly diversifying coworking ecosystem. Among other things, Austin is now hosting the Global Coworking Uncoworking Conference for the second year in a row. It's an exciting event, and I'm happy to be part of it.

This year, I'll be moderating a panel on Specialization in Coworking at GCUC on March 5. Come join us and see what kinds of coworking spaces are popping up.


I've been quiet on the reading front lately, but that's not because I haven't been reading. Here are some of the books I'll be reviewing soon:

  • Grundy. Doing Pragmatics
  • Finkelstein. Net-works: Workplace Change in the Global Economy
  • Steinberg. The Republic of Korea: Economic Transformation and Social Change
  • Suh and Chen. Korea as a Knowledge Economy
  • Kim. Crisis and Change: South Korea in a Post-1997 New Era

Tuesday, February 05, 2013