Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New tools for the new year

So I've been trying out two new tools for this new year. One, as you can see, is Blogger. My first blog was on Blogger, but I moved it to the CWRL servers because I wanted to have more control over it. But now I'm contemplating moving back to Blogger for various reasons, including the fact that it makes less sense to maintain my own blogging software than it does to let the professionals do it. We'll see how this works.

The other new tool is Flock, the browser based on Firefox. Flock's hook is its integration with web services. So for instance, I can use Flock's interface to manage my bookmarks in del.icio.us, my photos in Flickr, and my blog posts in Blogger, rather than having to (a) manage local versions of each or (b) use the interfaces for each service. I tried Flock about a year ago and it wasn't ready for prime time, but it seems to be doing quite well now.

Blogged with Flock

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