Friday, January 19, 2007

Wrike: Distributed project management software

Wrike is a web-based project management service that competes with Basecamp and others in this area. The big news here is that it allows you to assign tasks by tagging, meaning that the same task can show up in different projects. Also, you can email Wrike along with the people to whom you want to assign a task, and Wrike will set up a task and make those people responsible.

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Stephen said...

I have just started using Wrike, and I wondered how you like it, if you are still using it, and what your experience has been.

Please contact me at stephen[at]hdbizblog[dot]com

Thank you,

Riston said...

I use Wrike and I'm pretty happy with it. The great this about it, is that its interface is intuitive. My team is placed in different locations and it would be very hard to train all of them how to use the tool. Another thing I love about Wrike is that I can use it from basically anywhere, even from my PDA. I've figured this out after I've read this post.

marktaylor said...

This is the person that identifies and prioritizes the features that will appear in a 30 day sprint. This is normally the Product Manager, CTO, in some cases the CEO, or some other high level stakeholder that ultimately is responsible for shaping the roadmap of their product.

onlineprojectmanagement said...

This is fascinating! I had not heard of any of these programs before. However, some of the additional features in these online project management software may help me even more.

Malik Gaston said...

Let’s face it, project management is one of the most physically and emotionally daunting tasks in any organization, and there’s a lot that can get in the way of efficiency. The idea behind “Wrike” is that it allows you to dissect one big task into smaller tasks with set individual dates for each, allowing you to deal with the complexity of multi-tasking. You can also create new tasks and have them sent to the people responsible for overseeing that task. The crowning glory of this app, however, lies not within its functions but in its clean minimalist interface that developers have excellently created a port for the smartphone.

Malik Gaston

AkshPatel said...

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Online Timesheet said...

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