Monday, March 19, 2007

"This is going to be an expensive campaign season, but if you are doing a fundraiser, then campaign for some votes too."

At Burnt Orange, they're upset that Hillary Clinton is holding big-dollar fundraisers in Austin rather than spending much time rallying support:

This is going to be an expensive primary and an even more expensive general election. But why take Texas for granted? Texas may or may not be one of the many states to have a February 5 primary, and there is little to no cost to have a public event.

There is no rational to jet in, take huge sums of cash, and then leave with out talking to voters.

2008 can be summed up as a wide open field. The Democrats have a deep bench of candidates running this year. Why only talk to donors and not voters?

I love the great state of Texas, but I don't blame Clinton's strategy. In the primaries, I think it's rather unlikely that Texas will bump up from Super Tuesday in the coming cycle, so Clinton is concentrating on knocking out the opposition before then. And in the general election, Clinton is not following Dean's controversial fifty-state strategy.

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