Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Thoughts on Twitter as a platform

Continuing the discussion I started the other day, Twitter has added more direct-text features, opening the possibility of using it to text other SMS-based services. TechCrunch has a lengthy post on the subject, but here's a money quote from OmniDrive founder Nik Cubrilovic:

The advantage that Twitter has is that it is a generic communications platform with social networking components. It can be accessed with SMS, Instant Messaging, the website itself and a plethora of applications that have already been built to read/write to Twitter. For potential service providers, Twitter has a rapidly growing base of users who originally signed up as a way to communicate with ‘real’ friends. These users have already registered their email addresses (for email in/out), mobile phones (for SMS in/out) and IM handles (for read/write via IM).
Yes, the real potential is in the integration among multiple communication streams: IM, SMS, WWW. TechCrunch draws the correct parallel in comparing Twitter to YubNub.

Twitter as a Communications Platform | New Web Order - Nik Cubrilovic

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