Thursday, April 19, 2007


Finnish futurist and learning scholar Teemu Arina:
So those who are enemies are actually the most important resource for you to learn and reflect on your thinking, because they bring such different points of view in a conversation, so I can't point to any single enemy. I don't like to pick enemies.

Smart Mobs: Robin Good Interviews Teemu Arina

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Alan Rudy said...

One the one hand, isn't this a minor variant of the Socratic method? One the other hand, this sort of thing reminds me of a classical debate within the left relative to the dialectical nature of domination and cooperation. In any situation where domination is an issue, the dominated must co-operate with dominators or, less strongly perhaps, at least acquiesce to their own domination. Whether coopetition or domination-cooperation, these phenomena strike me as the heart of relational epistemological perspectives.