Tuesday, September 04, 2007

30,000 movies on an iPod-sized device

Howard Lovy complains:
If 30,000 movies is the best we can come up with, then we have a severe crisis of imagination. I don't blame the Reuters reporter. Like the overused and inaccurate "human hair" comparison, "30,000 movies" places the technology in a context the average reader can understand.
That severe crisis of imagination is fairly common. Here on the UT campus, during the first week you couldn't walk on campus without being asked if you wanted to buy a subscription to the Austin American-Statesman or the Houston Chronicle. You might as well be selling butter churns or moustache cups.

But back to the issue. What could we store on such a device? One idea: a (relatively) complete lifestream.
Howard Lovy's NanoBot: Nano memory: 30,000 movies and nothing on

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