Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Google vs. PowerPoint deathmatch

On Slate, Paul Boutin asks: Can Google's presentation software compete with PowerPoint? He tests the proposition by convincing "the product management team at Splunk, the deep-geek software company where I used to work" to use Google's software for "their big quarterly presentation to the sales team" even though "a single preso can make or break their reputations." Not surprisingly, he concludes that
Google Preso rocks for easy, no-money-down collaboration, but its visually clumsy slides won't win you a Nobel Prize or help you close a million-dollar deal.
Talk about a false proposition. Google continues to pursue the strategy that it has pursued with the rest of the Google Docs suite: facilitating highly collaborative work across rather than within organizations, for small and medium-sized operators rather than big clients.
Can Google kill PowerPoint? - By Paul Boutin - Slate Magazine
(Thanks to John Jones for the link.)

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