Saturday, November 24, 2007

Bluetooth social networking

From, this description of a social networking service that runs on your Bluetooth-enabled phone:
Flobbi is a Bluetooth based social network. To get it to work, you’ll first have to download Flobbi to your cell phone. Once downloaded, whenever someone in the Flobbi network is in your proximity (within 20 meters), that person’s profile will flash on your screen. You’ll have the option to chat, and get to know each other as fellow Flobbers. Installing Flobbi can be done in one of three ways: register and download it over Bluetooth, have the software sent over to your mobile, or via a friend who has Flobbi and Bluetooth. The software and portal is cost free.
The notion of casually meeting people this way? Ugh. But I can think of some useful applications:
  • Meeting a blind date
  • Networking at a conference
  • Coordinating flash mobs and street protests
  • Finding your companions in a crowded environment (which, coincidentally, is what I was about to do when I read this story on my mobile phone) - Bluetooth Social Networking -™

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