Monday, November 12, 2007

Etelos Projects: Good Ideas, Poor Execution? voices the same wistful desire that I have had for about a year:
I have been in the market for an online project manager I could integrate that would allow me to access and work on Google Docs and Spreadsheets, and Etelos’ integration with Google Apps (the all-in-one package that integrates with your domain) seemed promising.
Unfortunately, according to this review, Etelos Projects does not do this job well. I haven't checked the product out myself, but if I have time to do so, I'll post my own review here. CS
Review: Etelos Projects Offers Good Ideas, Poor Execution -

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Don said...

Hi Clay,
Thanks for blogging about us. We've already made some changes based on Dustin's feedback in the post you mentioned. I've outlined them here. If you decide to review Etelos Projects yourself let me know how I can help!

Clay Spinuzzi said...

Fantastic -- I'm underwater with projects right now (ironic, right?) but would like to spend some time on Etelos Projects when I get a chance. Will set up a free trial soon and touch base with you if I have issues. Thanks for working on this timely project -- CS