Tuesday, December 04, 2007

More mobile phone subscriptions than TV sets?

The world currently has 3.3 billion mobile phone subscriptions, one for every two people in the world. Now, "more than 28% of all phone owners have two or more subscriptions," so it's not like 50% of the people in the world have a phone. But:
So out of the 3.3 billion subscriptions, how many different people actually own one or more phone subscriptions, that number is about 2.55 billion now at the end of 2007.

Still amazing numbers compared to other technologies such as the 1.5 billion people who own a credit card or TV set, the approx 1.3 billion who now have an internet connection etc.
More mobile phones than credit cards or TV sets. Amazing. No wonder people have been pushing mobile video services such as SprintTV. As mobile phones continue to gain sophistication, they will begin to displace these technologies as well as lower-level computing functions -- actually, that's already happening with credit cards, PDAs, and to some extent email, IM, wayfinding, and reference.

Communities Dominate Brands: 3.3 billion mobile phone subscriptions, yes thats half of planet

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