Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Redesigning MySpace in the browser

When I heard about Stylish, the Firefox extension that allows you to download and create personal themes for frequently used websites, I knew that it was made for websites such as MySpace. The MySpace default is cluttered and confusing, and although many people have used LoveMyFlash and similar themes, many haven't -- making MySpace a real hit-or-miss user experience.

So I installed one Stylish theme yesterday and now every page on MySpace appears in that theme. It's a nice end to the arc that began with Creating Killer Web Sites and other late-nineties web design books that espoused the philosophy that web designers should have absolute control over the user experence. Back then, I opposed that philosophy because it seemed opposite to the strengths of open-standards HTML. Now, it's nice to see that those design choices can be simply routed around in sophisticated ways at the client itself.
Myspace - Black/Gray |
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