Monday, April 28, 2008

Social Media Consumption Workflows

Louis Gray publicizes his social media consumption workflow. An interesting idea, and I think it might also be useful as a minor assignment if you're teaching that sort of class.

But it might also be useful for people to publicize their own workflows for their friends. I find that many people assume the end-all-be-all contact point is email, and for that reason I tend to check it first and frequently. But I'm finding that I privilege SMS and increasingly channels such as Twitter lately. The most important aspect of my social media consumption, however, is mobile access. YMMV. My Social Media Consumption Workflow

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louisgray said...

The response to this post has been interesting. It was one of my "thinking out loud" Sunday morning posts, not exactly the most thought-out or direct postings ever. I'm glad it's making people think a bit about how they consume social media, and what takes priority. And if there's a class where this would be an assignment, maybe I want to take that class!

David Lee said...

This post reminds me of the conversation we had. My daily routine has changed since the adoption of Twitter and Friendfeed. Only if we the author / machine can figure out the readers' priority and concentrate on those mediums....