Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Conjunctured signs a lease

I blogged about Conjunctured a while back because the concept was interesting to me. Conjunctured is a "co-company" in which independent freelancers "come together to collaborate on the projects they feel most passionate about." As I said in that earlier post, this org structure sounds a lot like Zuboff and Maxmin's "federations," but even less hierarchical.

Conjunctured has now leased a coworking space, which is great. But what stopped me was this:

We were excited about being a part of such a cool community, both in 501 and in east Austin (the city’s fastest growing part of town). Here are some shots of the space we were tweeting about here, there andeverywhere Tuesday afternoon.

After soliciting feedback from potential coworkers via Twitter DMs, emailing people who have filled out our membership questionnaire and making some select phone calls to loved ones and advisors, we decided to bite the bullet, throw down a deposit and sign a one-year lease.

It makes sense that a distributed co-company would use such distributed avenues. Twitter in particular.

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