Monday, May 12, 2008


Sahil Parikh, founder of DeskAway, wrote to me about his company's product:

a project collaboration service for small distributed teams. We are based out of Mumbai, India and while most people were concentrating on the outsourcing business, we decided to put our energy into building something scalable that people across the world could use. We are live with paying customers - mostly from US, UK, France and India. DeskAway's main goal is to eliminate guesswork  - when multiple people start working on multiple projects/activities together.

DeskAway follows the familiar Basecamp model for web-based project management, but it adds several features, some of which have become common in more recent web-based PM software and some of which I haven't seen.
  • Contact sharing
  • Team blog
  • Robust time tracking
  • Reporting and analytics for project summaries, project timelines, time tracking
  • An issues summary for managing and tracking breakdowns
  • Project wiki
I have not yet signed up for the free trial, but hope to do so soon. It looks like an interesting product, and I like the emphasis on reporting and analytics.

DeskAway - Project Management Software, Project Collaboration Software, Task & Issue Tracking Software
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