Thursday, June 05, 2008

It's a sure winner?

Via Slashdot. Preston Galla at ComputerWorld is pushing the idea that
"If Google really wanted to deliver a knockout punch to Microsoft, it would integrate OpenOffice with Google Docs, and sell support for the combined suite to small businesses, medium-sized business, and large corporations. Given the reach of Google, the quality of OpenOffice, and the lure of free, it's a sure winner."

I strongly doubt that this would deliver a "knockout punch," that Google wants to compete directly in this space, or that a full suite is in Google's strategic roadmap. Let's take just the last point: Google's strategy is to enhance online collaboration and display through the web browser (desktop and mobile) in order primarily to enhance online experience -- and sell more advertising. Driving people offline during the drafting and collaboration process, and encouraging them to use features that can't be used with the online version such as footnotes, is counter to the strategy.

Slashdot | Why Google Should Embrace OpenOffice

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