Monday, June 09, 2008

Two more approaches to mobile geolocation tracking

One is Citysense by Sense Networks. It anonymously tracks phones' geolocations and displays them on heat maps on your own phone:
Citysense is built on top of the company’s main technology platform, Macrosense. The company ingests billions of data points about people’s location from cell phones, GPS devices, WiFi, and even taxis. The company also collects geo-location data from everyone who downloads Citysense, or any future app (although, the company considers the data to be yours, and you can delete it from the database at any time).

The other is Buzzd, an app that was automatically bookmarked in the new Opera Mobile download. This one is opt-in and focuses on "buzz" around specific events, particularly music events. It's also location-specific, but it's opt-in and therefore not anonymous. Accessible via SMS and mobile browser.
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