Thursday, August 21, 2008

Breathless Android coverage; phone is simply a feature

Rumors are "confirmed" that the HTC Dream, running Google's Android OS, will be sold by T-Mobile starting on my birthday (Oct 13). That's some clever niche marketing, T-Mobile. Anyway, here's what really struck me about this post: the feature list. Check out the order.
What does my 200 bucks get me?
- Touch Screen
- Full Qwerty keyboard
- 3G/ WiFi
- Full HTML internet capabilities
- Easy access to all Google applications (Gmail, Gtalk, search)
- Maps
- Street view
- You Tube
- Phone
- IM/Text
- Email
- Camera 3.0mp
- Video (playback only, no recording)
- Music player & 1GB memory card pre-loaded
- Applications, all available in Google marketplace (icon on the homescreen)
Yes, the function phone is stuck somewhere in the middle of the list. Just another feature, not nearly as important or exciting as the others. And yes, that does indicate where mobile devices are heading.

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Unknown said...

It's awesome mobile, cool. I like it ;)