Tuesday, November 11, 2008

GTD calendars

Stephen at HD BizBlog is selling the 2009 version of his DIY calendar along with other GTD collateral. Product description says:
This is a one-page-per-day DIY calendar page that is designed with the F-pattern for eye-tracking. This special design takes your natural eye movements into account, making it far more efficient for retrieving the important data that you have put into the calendar.
I'm still surprised at how flexible the GTD framework has turned out to be. David Allen advocates fairly simple tools - desk calendars, index cards - but in an era of cheap customization we see lots of entrepreneurs bringing their own expertise to bear on the framework to create supplemental tools. GTD is like the Twitter of productivity systems.

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Stephen said...

Thanks for the link, and for your support. This calendar has made an enormous difference in how people get the most from their hard landscape.