Thursday, February 05, 2009

Title my new project

So I've been working on a new project here in Austin, based on recent work but ideally slanted toward a more popular audience. I'm interested in how people are using looser work arrangements in order to perform knowledge work in Austin.

And I need a great title for the blog, book, or whatever comes from this project.

I'll be
  • Visiting coworking spaces and interviewing their proprietors and customers
  • Visiting Jelly locations and interviewing people who work there
  • Visiting and interviewing freelancers, contractors, subcontractors, and sole proprietors
  • Visiting and interviewing people working in loose arrangements within the tech industry
  • Visiting and interviewing telecommuters
I'll be examining how they get their work done, how they replace organizational resources with their own, how they share resources, how they network, and how they socialize. Based on Manuel Castells' studies, I think that Austin is one of the leading edges of development of these alternate working arrangements. It's a fascinating story that needs to be told, and I'm interested in telling it.

But I need a title! Think along the lines of something Clay Shirky or Malcolm Gladwell might use. Punchy, relevant, expressive, interesting to a popular audience.

Have something in mind? Tweet me your suggestions.

Looking forward to seeing what you come up with. I'll credit the person whose title I use.

More background here:


ifss said...

I have two nominations:

1. I nominate "", the TinyURL (OK technically the URL) for your post... That would really capture part of the zeitgeist.

2. Cutting Loose in Austin: How the Live Music Capital became the Web Worker Capital.

jdhancock said...

The Clay Spin.