Wednesday, April 15, 2009

"I, for one, would relish the opportunity to delete my Facebook account and go all-in with Google."

At FastCompany, Chris Dannen thinks the improvement to Google Profiles might make it a Facebook killer. Possibly - but wasn't Jaiku supposed to be a Twitter killer?


Unknown said...

Whenever I hear the phrase "player A is player B killer," the killing never happens. Also a similar metaphor; stopper, stopping never happens either.

The reason for Facebook's possible decline in the future is people's interest in the social network, not Google.

Clay Spinuzzi said...

I agree almost entirely. Google's strategy seems to be to lower transaction costs of participating (in this case, integrating their extensive existing services under one login and making data completely portable). But FB has locked up considerable value, and I think people will continue to find the transaction costs worth it for a while longer.