Thursday, November 05, 2009

Are you using my books?

A request. I'm trying to get a sense of who's using my books in
  • classes (grad, undergrad)
  • graduate reading lists
  • theses, dissertations
If you've used one of my books in any of these contexts, could you send me a link? You can comment here, respond to me on Facebook or Twitter, or email me (clay dot spinuzzi at mail dot utexas dot edu). Thanks, all - I'm eager to hear from you.


Beth said...

I started following your blog for a Digital Humanities class at Indiana University.

Clay Spinuzzi said...

Thanks for letting me know, Beth!

aroundtree said...

I use your articles and edited journal issues ("Pseudotransactionality," "Usability instruction," "Toward integrating our research scope,' "Social Software in Professional Communication") when I teach hypermedia theory and design, usability, and research methods at UHD.

I recommend your book (Tracing Genres through Organizations: A Sociocultural Approach to Information Design) for students interested in information design and ethnography and case study.

I'll require it for an intro to information design course I'll propose in the spring.

lesvb said...

I'm referring to your book Network in various parts of my MA thesis on rhetorical agency.

Clay Spinuzzi said...

Thanks for letting me know, guys. I'm surprised how many different instances I'm seeing, especially in class use.