Monday, March 15, 2010

SXSWi: What Coworking Tells Us about the Future of Work

Here are my slides for this talk. The first three are for the panel as a whole, and the rest are my own remarks. Photo credits are at the end.

By the way, someone tweeted that I had too many words on slides and went through them quickly. Here, you can read them as slowly as you want.

Update March 20, 2010: LifeSize posts a link to video of the panel in the comments. My presentation isn't included, but two panelists and the Q&A are here.


LifeSize said...
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LifeSize said...

Hello, I missed your talk at SXSW, so thanks so much for posting the slides! I did get there in time to hear the last two speakers, Jones and Swart. I posted videos of their talks on the LifeSize Communications facebook page here: There's also a video of some of the Q/A, so I did get you and Liz talking there! Again, thanks for posting the slides, and for organizing the panel. I thought it was incredibly interesting, and very applicable to what LifeSize does with HD video communications.
Thanks, Sarah Eshelman

Clay Spinuzzi said...

Thanks so much! I was glad to see the Q&A in particular. Glad you enjoyed the panel too - CS

Ryan Price said...

Clay, excellent presentation. I wasn't there, but I heard about it from the Coworking list.

On the list was mentioned a presentation by Drew. Do you have a link to that? (before someone links me to the site saying "let me google that for you")

I'm certainly forwarding this on to some folks locally who are asking me how to "sell" coworking to their board of directors / economic development / chamber of commerce.

Clay Spinuzzi said...

Thanks, Ryan. Re pitching coworking to economic development types, you may want to check out my recent talk with the Communication Director for the City of Round Rock:

Let me check with Drew about whether he's put his presentation online. His slide deck is quite good.