Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Reading: Contemporary Field Research

Contemporary Field Research: A Collection of Readings
By Robert M. Emerson

Just a quick review of this book, which is an older edition. The editor presents a series of classic readings on fieldwork, grouped in these sections:

  • "Ethnography and understanding members' worlds"
  • "Theory and evidence in field research"
  • "Relational and personal processes in fieldwork"
  • "Ethical and political issues in field research"
The authors are the usual suspects. The first chapter is that same piece by Geertz that you have undoubtedly read; Kathy Charmaz, Michael Bloor, Rosalie Wax, and John Van Maanen also make appearances. But the book deftly puts their pieces into dialogue, thanks especially to the editor's introductions to each section. The result is a valuable set of meditations on different aspects of fieldwork. 

Although my review of this book is pretty thin, if you are interested in the details and complications of fieldwork, check it out. 

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