Sunday, January 28, 2007

Adobe Apollo sounds like Yahoo Widgets on steroids

Over at TechCrunch, they think Adobe's Apollo is going to hit the desktop like a ton of bricks, changing how apps are developed:

The reason Apollo is so important is because it changes the rules of the game. It is taking the technologies and tenants [sic] of the web and bringing them to the desktop. Apollo is cross platform and gives web developers access to things like the file system and close integration with the operating system in a set of APIs that are the same whether you’re writing in JavaScript or ActionScript. The web fostered an explosion in the creativity of application development and Apollo will undoubtedly do the same for desktop development.

It certainly sounds like it's going to lower the bar for desktop app development, and it'll be much more flexible than Yahoo Widgets or OSX's Dashboard.

Adobe’s Apollo Provides New Ground For Entrepreneurs

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