Friday, February 02, 2007

Insert your own Rage Against the Machine joke here

Professor Bainbridge interprets the Boston bomb scare incident as the counterculture selling out:

These two yahoos look exactly like the sort of neo-hippie/anarchists that trashed Seattle back in 1999 and still engage in various forms of counter-culture street theater to this day. Yet, these guys do so not to advance a cause, but to make money advertising a stupid cartoon show on behalf of a major media corporation. The message these two thus are sending to all their counter-culture buddies on behalf of capitalist corporations is: "resistance is futile." ®: Everything is Political; or Why the Boston Hoax Story is about the Triumph of Capitalism

(Via Andrew Sullivan)

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Anonymous said...

Y'know, you're exactly right: they don't have a cause to advance.

They're stupidly supporting some big corporation, thinking they're being hip and anti-establishment.

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