Monday, April 30, 2007

Clay's nightmare


AirTroductions is an interesting concept. Basically, you enter in your flight information and check out who else is going to be on your flight. Then, after checking out the other passengers’ profiles, you choose who you’ll be sitting next to. That way, you can make the most of your multi-hour flight. You can network, or maybe meet a love connection, or sit next to someone you just happen to know and didn’t know they’d be on the plane. So next time you’re flying, check out who else you could be sitting next to on the plane before you ever arrive at the terminal to make the most out of your hours in the sky.

I am incredibly productive on airplanes -- although I hate air travel -- because I carry 4-up printouts of everything I'm writing, and I refuse to talk to my seatmates. Can't imagine someone sitting next to me and saying, "So you're a professor at UT? How's that goin' for you?" Thanks, social networking. - There's Something in the Air -

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