Wednesday, May 02, 2007

A bus accident and a WEP phone

So I was standing at the bus stop yesterday morning, waiting for the bus and passing time by reading my news aggregator on my phone. Yes, I go online in my spare moments these days. And I happen to see this story: "BREAKING: Bus Slams Into Building in Central Austin."

Interesting, I thought -- that happens to be on my route, but "downstream," so the coming bus should still be on time. I read that
a Capital Metro bus has crashed into a building at Medical Parkway and West 39th Street, near Seton Medical Center. At least half a dozen victims are now in the hospital, with 9 more people treated on-site for minor injuries.
Shortly afterwards, my bus arrives. I immediately ask the driver what he's heard about the accident. His response was along the lines of: "Is that what happened? All I know is that they told me to take a detour." Then he quizzes me about the accident. Who was driving? What happened? How many injuries?" And then: "I need to start watching the news!"

Me, I haven't watched news broadcasts in I don't know how long. But there's certainly a market for local news, and my news aggregator fills it.

A few hours later, waiting at another bus stop, I got the details. Was it featured on a local news broadcast? Who cares?

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