Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Outdoing Jimmy Page

Jimmy Page is, of course, famous for playing a double-neck guitar for Led Zeppelin. But former bandmate John Paul Jones has thrown down the gauntlet:

Will we see an escalation? Is this the musical equivalent of a Gillette razor?

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Jim said...

Did you see Colbert's "shred off" with Decemberists guitarist Chris Funk? Talk about escalation...check out Colbert's five-necked guitar.

Mike G said...

Ah, the quintuple-necked guitar. It belongs to Rick Nielsen, who still plays it on tour. Not very easy to move around with it, though.

metal_emperor said...

actually, that's a triple-neck mandolin. guitars have either 6,7, or 12 strings. Mandolins, on the other hand, have 8 strings. so if you look closely at the knobs at the heads of the mandolin, you can see that there are indeed 8 knobs on each head.

Clay Spinuzzi said...

A mandolin. Well, now I just feel silly.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, John Paul Jones. Few people realize how huge his contribution was to Led Zeppelin. In terms of musical ability he is more impressive than even Jimmy Page. He plays almost a dozen instruments, and plays each better than most musicians who dedicate their lives to only one.

The 2008 Grammy awards featured the Foo Fighters playing with an orchestra. I noticed JPJ was the conductor.


Clay Spinuzzi said...

Yes, I didn't realize how many instruments he played (beyond, obviously, bass and Mellotron). His bass for Led Zep is just outstanding -- sometimes he plays so quickly it just sounds like a deep bubbling -- but looking at the footage of LZ playing, he always seems to get shafted, with the cameras focusing on everyone else but him. I wonder if he's just introverted and that comes out in the footage that gets cut. In any case, he's a real inspiration.

Sunchild68 said...

First of all dumbass out of everything jimmy page is famous for the double neck is not at top though it is one of the things he made famous. The Bowing of the guitar, fast riffs, heavieness, distortion, wah pedal all the way down, the thermin, and all the other effects. And second Jimmy was playing that before Jonesy in '77
go fuck yourself trying to act like you know Zeppelin leave it to the people who do and go back to your corpret meetings on how to get fucked by China

O and no one can out do Jimmy Page

Clay Spinuzzi said...

Everything okay at home, Sunchild68?

Sunchild68 said...

just ask ur mom