Friday, April 27, 2007

"By the time she starts dating, I wont need to greet her dates at the door with a shotgun..."

"... I will have a digital history of the poor kid and know pretty much everythng about him, before I meet him."

Mark Cuban, who has given up on apostrophes altogether but who makes up for it in trenchant observation, discusses the generational difference in self-documentation. He continues:

We are beginning a generation where much of everything they do will be recorded, monitored and maintained and more importantly, shared online. Every generation of parents has used the tools they can afford to be our kids biographers till they leave home. This generation will have the fortune or misfortune of those tools having an ever declining cost to with no cost per capture (no developing pictures or even having to buy tape), and as it stands today, little or no cost to share all those digital hours online.

Your are what your search results return and so are your kids - Blog Maverick

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