Thursday, January 10, 2008

Writers' strike a boon for online video; TechCrunch says: I told you so

The writer's strike has sent desperate TV watchers to other venues to watch video. That doesn't just mean DVD rentals and purchases, it also means dramatically increased visits to video sites -- perhaps because video sites, like the TV, can be viewed on a whim, whereas DVD purchases and rentals must be planned.

What TechCrunch doesn't tell us is how this affects Hulu, the video streaming service set up by some of the major networks. TechCrunch unmercifully ridiculed Hulu during its planning and launch. Fortunately for Hulu, the writer's strike started soon after its launch, ensuring a stream of TV addicts. It's all in the timing.

Thanks Striking Writers, Online Video Going Up, Up, Up, Up

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