Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Blist, the Flash-based social database builder, had its beta launch last week. In a nutshell, it's an attractively designed database along the lines of MS Access, surprisingly complex for a web app, but still fairly easy to use. As with other web apps, this one allows you to build social databases, review others' databases, etc.

Unfortunately, it looks like the dashboard and discover features are not yet active, so we only get a dummy view to hint at what sorts of blists might be developed: a to do blist, two lists of target VCs, a recipe blist. There's a difference between database-as-container, database-as-application, and database-as-set-of-data, and it's unclear which of these will really take off or how they will be separated and rated.

Nevertheless, this really has been a missing piece in online office tools. If you can get over having your databases posted online, it may be a good Access competitor. And the Flash interface will go well with Buzzword and other Flash-based apps.

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