Sunday, February 03, 2008 analyzes the Open Handset Alliance for clues about the gPhone

Interesting stuff, though it reaches at times. Take this section:

The mobile Opera Mini 4 browser has just been released, to rave reviews. This seems to be just the ticket the GPhone could use as its killer app, since Opera Mini 4 is optimized for quicker scrolling, navigation, and page rendering on mobile handsets.

However, Opera is not an Open Handset Alliance member. Still, that's not necessarily an impediment to the GPhone's adoption of the browser. Consider than an Opera spokesperson coyly refused to tell ZDNet whether the company has been approached to join the Alliance, and added that Opera is "very close to Google."

Sure, but Opera's default search is still Yahoo. On the other hand, if Microsoft buys Yahoo, I imagine Opera will run quickly from that deal. Google is the obvious alternate, and perhaps the Opera folks will find it useful to cozy up to them now without officially making a deal. - Inside the gPhone: What to expect from Google's Android alliance

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