Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Am I a typical Opera Mini user?

I wonder because of these interesting survey results from Opera, which makes the browser that I use, Opera Mini. The results are in line with my usage:
According to Opera's survey of the more 11.9 million Opera Mini users in March, almost 41% of mobile traffic now goes to social networking -- up to 60% in some countries, including the US.
Yes, I spend a lot of time checking Slandr (a Twitter web-based client), FriendFeed, Facebook, MySpace, etc. in addition to reading news and checking email and calendar. All this usage comes at odd moments, such as riding the bus, waiting for an event, or, er, the moment I get up. My sense has been that I use the mobile web more than others, but I wonder what Opera Mobile users (who I imagine to be more continuously connected than most) are up to and how that group resembles others who will hit the market soon via their iPhones, Android phones, and consumer-end Blackberries.  I imagine Opera's raw data would be fascinating to look through.

Report: The Mobile Web is the New Hangout - ReadWriteWeb
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