Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Email failing

Quote of the day:
There's too much wrong with email. 14-year-old girls know this. I'm just trying to catch up.
Sure. I'm finding myself using Twitter's direct messaging more for on-the-fly contacts (and I really wish Twitter would buy some new servers to compensate). Email is good for moving large texts and small attachments, but it doesn't work well for short conversations, group conversations, public conversations, or especially mobile conversations. That's why people are expanding their media ecosystems; email no longer serves as a best-fit solution for the many communication tasks that we've funneled through it.

Faster Future: Publishing possibilities now and beyond: How many 14 year olds use email?
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David Cushman said...

when is your next book out? Point it at me? dc

Clay Spinuzzi said...

Hi, David. Here's the Amazon page and the page; both of them are listing just the subtitle right now, but that should be fixed by the time the book comes out in September/October.