Wednesday, January 24, 2007

SecondLife at Davos

Jeff Jarvis is characteristically smart in reporting from Davos07. This bit about SecondLife caught my eye, partially because of the sharp attrition rate in SL and partially because of the prediction about what's on the horizon: haptic interfaces.

At this morning’s session, John Markoff admits that he hasn’t gotten past the opening and I admit I have not either. It’s small. They have 334,000 “regular visitors,” Kirkpatrick says - though that’s only people who come back after a month while 2.6 million have come and most, like Markoff and me, give up. But Gage makes an eloquent case for the virtual-world interface making a big difference in the future architecture, medicine, education, entertainment. “The moment that the haptic interface works in Second Life, it is going to double and double again…” Mitch Kapor, chairman of the Second Life parent, says that a haptic interface — that is, the ability to feel something virtual in the real world — is months away.

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