Saturday, February 24, 2007

Google's "Dog Food Initiative"

PC World has an article about Google "eating its own dog food," i.e., using Google Apps internally. This part is not surprising, but worth repeating:

All of the applications "were really built from the ground up to focus on collaboration," Glotzbach said in a follow-up interview. "Using them ourselves has really helped us expand on how we work with one another, making [communications] more real time, making it easier to collaborate when we're traveling, when we're on the road, from a mobile device, from any PC or workstation inside the company."

He describes an incident in which he began a document outline, shared it, and collaborators built the document together, like a wiki.

But Googlers also use Microsoft Office and OpenOffice for their work. This point is a bit downplayed in the article.

PC World - Living with Google Apps--at Google

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