Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Romney: The television president

Roger Simon on Mitt Romney:

Mitt Romney is so good he is almost too good.Candidates want people to come away from their events thinking “presidential,” not “slick.”But Romney is so polished and looks so much like a president would look if television picked our presidents (and it does) that sometimes you have to ask yourself if you are watching the real deal or a careful construction.

Now I find this to be fascinating. We have had an actor in the White House, and some people are pushing for another one to throw his hat in the ring. (Both had political experience as well, of course.) And I seem to remember Robert Redford's name being kicked around as a candidate a few years ago, which would have been dizzying given his filmography. But we don't want an actual politician who seems too much like a simulation.

The Politico

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