Thursday, April 05, 2007

Jaiku, social networking, and human activity

When looking at Jaiku, a Helsinki-based service with some similarity to Twitter or Dodgeball, I noticed that the co-founder was Jyri Engeström. Engeström + Helsinki may ring some bells, and in fact, one of Jyri's contacts is Yrjö Engeström. It's not clear what their familial relationship is, but I can guess.

Jyri is a Ph.D. student at Lancaster, studying the relationship between technical innovation and organizational transformation.

What I'm interested in is how these study insights are being transformed into a social networking app. It's unclear to me how many of these services have any sort of theory behind them, so it'll be interesting to determine whether this particular service can translate theory into practice.

Jaiku | About Jaiku

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