Monday, April 02, 2007

Redefining IMG -- it can only get better, right?

Michael Arrington reports:
The basic format for embedding images into a web page using the [<IMG>] tag has been around almost as long at HTML itself, since the first graphical web browser. It works, and it is used constantly. But can it be better?

That's the question that advertising network AdBrite's new BritePic standard is trying to answer: "Just by changing the embed code, web publishers can add a caption, watermark, zoom, share, resize and other features."

Unfortunately, BritePic doesn't seem to have any embedded accessibility features: no embedded ALT text, no <NOSCRIPT> functionality. My sense is that these would not be hard to add for basic image description, but really problematic for reproducing all the functionality BritePic tries to embed (e.g., adding pictures to RSS feeds, emailing them, linking to them, etc.).

Redefining The IMG Tag

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