Saturday, April 07, 2007

Joi Ito on Jaiku vs. Twitter

I surfed over to annd spent a few seconds looking at the big map on their homepage, the one that looks like Twittervision, in which new messages show up on the globe as they're posted. Coincidentally, Joi Ito posted just that moment to note that he had blogged on the differences between Jaiku and Twitter.

Well, it was fate, so I clicked through.

The post is interesting in that Ito has a relationship with both companies, and he elaborates minimally on the point he made at SXSWi2007 that the US has been slow to "get" SMS compared to Asia and Europe. But the post ends abruptly, as if Ito had been called to dinner just before starting the main point of the post. Maybe we'll see more thoughts later.

Joi Ito's Web: Jaiku vs Twitter

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